Keiser Pneumatic Resistance System at Limitless

With Keiser Pneumatic Technology, the muscles remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion and velocities, with reduced shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints, which allows for workout regimens that can safely improve physical performance in ways not seen with traditional strength-training methods.

The functional trainer (FT)

As the Functional Trainers name implies it is a multi-functional machine for a complete body workout. It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications and is one of the most basic and versatile cable machines available. The ability to train at any speed and without any impact makes it the product of choice for many different applications.

  • A favourite with the coaches at LTC, this machine can literally be used for 100’s of different exercises ranging from rehabilitation to sports specific applications.
  • Don’t let the basic design of the FT fool you those in the industry know that this is one of the most versatile cable machines available allowing you to train at any speed & without the impact of a traditional weight stack
  • Full display showing power output
  • This machines only limit is the coaches imagination.

Air 300 belt squat

This innovative lower body piece helps build dynamic hip explosion with no shoulder or spine loading. Resistance is adjusted by the push of a thumb button, enabling instructors and coaches to train more athletes in less time. Pivoting handles accommodate users of all heights including those seven feet or taller, and puts them in an ideal squatting position.

  • More than 800 pounds of resistance at the push of a button
  • Helps build dynamic hip explosion & works the legs through a full range of motion without loading the shoulders or spine
  • Pivoting handles accommodate users of all heights & put the user in the ideal squatting position
  • This machine offers coaches the opportunity for diverse programming with a wide base the and the ability to interchange different attachments to not only squat through Keisers unique pneumatic resistance but also incorporate Hinge or rowing movements.
  • Train at optimal speed with the display giving instant feedback on your performance.
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