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Hi everyone,

We would like to thank you all for your continued support for us here at Limitless Training Club. We hope that you are all still enjoying your personal fitness journey with our team and we hope that this newsletter will go somewhere to helping us provide a better training experience for you all.

New Equipment

Limitless is always looking for better ways to improve service. Over the past months we have invested in some of the industry’s best high quality sports and performance equipment, some of it unique in this area.

We’re here to support you through every step of your sporting /fitness journey.

Injury Rehab / Physio

We are now working in partnership with Rachel Nakash a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist. Rachel graduated from Coventry University in 1991 with an honour’s degree in Physiotherapy. After completing numerous post graduate courses, Rachel’s interest in research and evidence-based practice led to her completing a PhD in Health Sciences at Warwick University in 2007. Having worked over the years at various private physiotherapy clinics in the area, including a 10 year stretch at Witty Pask and Buckingham in Northampton, Rachel now has her own private practice and also offers domiciliary visits where she ‘brings her clinic into your home or workplace’.

Rachel is very much a ‘hands on’ therapist whose clinical interests lie in manual therapies such as deep soft tissue massage and myofascial release for musculo-skeletal problems – be they as a result of a sports injury, overuse, posture or surgery. She is also qualified to administer acupuncture for pain relief. Rachel is also a firm believer in the power of communication and places a big emphasis during treatment sessions on explaining the possible causes of the patient’s symptoms to them as well as discussing the patient’s own beliefs about their symptoms. As Rachel explains; ‘De-mystifying the cause of a patient’s pain can have a huge positive effect on their whole pain perception and recovery experience’.

We are looking forward to working together with Rachel to give our clients an even more ‘complete’ service in their journey to health and fitness.

Youth Fitness

Help your child begin a healthy routine now and it could help them stay fit long into the future. Our Junior membership is designed to help youngsters get off to a great start. We would like any young athlete that books onto the youth fitness classes that are scheduled on a Friday evening at 5pm to be a member of Limitless Training Club. This membership is available for youth members between the ages 10-15. Also we ask that participants book on to the sessions in advance so we can provide an enjoyable but beneficial session for everyone.

Group/ Corporate Fitness

We believe a healthy body starts on the inside, with results reflected on the outside. Our comprehensive, personalized wellness and fitness programs change lives while optimizing health and productivity. The path to health and wellness is made of empowering lifestyle changes – and that we can inspire people to be the champions of their own wellbeing. Our Group/Corporate Fitness Package is designed for companies or small groups, capped at 16 people per session in 6 week blocks.

Celebrating Effort and Achievement

Each month, Limitless will feature a gym member of the month, with 2 free tickets to watch the Northampton Saints at Franklin Garden. We will be celebrating their successes and progress and showing them that we are all proud of their achievements.

The ‘Admin’

Please make all class bookings at least 24 hours in advance. This is so that we can provide a group session that benefits everyone and targets the areas highlighted in the program. Booking can be done via email or website.

PT / Gym Membership Cost

As of April 2019, we will be increasing our prices for 1-2-1 personal training sessions, with a discount for block bookings of 5 or more sessions paid in advance. Monthly gym membership is also being increased slightly to reflect the enhanced kit and classes on offer. As is the case already, KRFC First XV players receive a discounted rate.

Limitless Membership Cost


Our preferred method of payment for gym membership is via automatic bank transfer. Payments are due on the 1st of every month (details below). Payment options also include card and cash.

Although we operate on a non-contractual basis, any missed or late payment will result in members not being insured to use the facilities or take part in the classes. Anyone that has not used the facilities or paid their membership for a period of 3 months will be required to fill out another PAR-Q form. Any individual that wishes to become a member part way through a month will pay a pro-rata fee and will then be required to set up a new payment method as of the 1st of the following month.

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Gym New opening Times @ 1st April 2019

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