Focus – Bandbell Earthquake Bar

At Limitless, we’re keen to invest in the latest in functional equipment designed to take you to the next level. Our latest addition to our well-equipped gym in Kettering is an Earthquake Bar.

What is an Earthquake Bar?

With an instantly recognisable look, Earthquake Bar can be set up in a multitude of ways with bands and weights.

How does it work and why do we use it?

Designed around the principle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE), which forces the stabilisers & primary muscles to work together to complete the set. Making it a diverse tool & depending on your set up; ideal for activation, prehab, rehab, functional training, agility & strength development.

When using this bar the oscillating load excites your central nervous system, firing up your joint stabilisers and increasing muscle activation.
By incorporating this piece of equipment in your workout forces you to complete your reps at a slower more controlled tempo with a lighter load.
This method of training is easier on your joints and even easier to recover from.

This principle has made the earthquake bar a favourite amongst our clients at LTC. Particularly those who have struggled or complained of joint pain when using a conventional barbell in the past.

With its versatility, the Earthquake bar is ideal for squats, bench, deadlifts…and much more. From CrossFit, high-performance & functional athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders to those looking for general fitness improvements, it has the unique capability of teaching perfect form however it’s used.

Your next step…

At Limitless, we have a range of classes available and a highly qualified team based one of the most-equipped gyms in the UK. Talk to us today to see how we can help you.

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